Guidance for Exhibitors: Section 5 – Craft


201Needlework, 1 piece, (e.g. quilting, tapestry, cross-stitch, embroidery).
202Knitting or crocheting, 1 piece.
203Woodcraft, 1 piece.
204Modelmaking, 1 piece. Made or assembled by the exhibitor.
205A Limerick, ‘A Fox or Foxes’ (see information below).
206Drawing, with pastel, pencil, or pen and ink.
207Painting, original.
208An invitation to a Summer Barbeque. Can be produced by hand or computer.
209A Photograph, ‘Leaves’. To be printed and displayed at the Show.
210A Photograph, ‘Kiss from a Rose’. To be printed and displayed at the Show.

Additional information

205Limerick, humorous five-line verse. Printed on card or paper measuring < 180mm x 130mm.