Show Regulations

  1. Membership of the Ashtead Horticultural Society is open only to people living within 10 miles of Ashtead. Annual subscription is £5.00 per household.
  2. Classes in Division 1 at both the Summer and Autumn Shows are open only to members of the Ashtead Horticultural Society (except Class 402). A group of people with disabilities can also enter as one exhibitor under the Group’s name. All other classes are open to anyone.
  3. Entry Forms must be received by 12 noon on the Friday preceding the Show*.
  4. In no circumstances can entries be accepted on the day of the Show*.
  5. All exhibits, at both the Summer* and Autumn Shows, must be staged either on the Friday evening before the Show between 7.00pm and 8.30pm, or on the day of the Show between 8.30am and 10.30am. Flower Arrangement Group entries may also be staged on the Friday before the Show, from 7.00pm till 9.00pm.
  6. Unless otherwise stated in the schedule, all exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor and must have been in their possession for at least two months. Flower Arrangement classes are exempted from this regulation.
  7. Two or more persons may not exhibit for prizes separately in the same class from the same garden, nursery or plant house. This rule does not apply to Divisions 2 & 3 at both Shows. No exhibitor will be permitted more than one entry in any class. 
  8. Prize giving will begin at 4.00pm at the Summer and Autumn Shows and exhibits must not be removed until prize-giving is completed.  Prize Money not collected at the Show will be considered to be a donation to the Society.
  9. Vase.
    A vessel for displaying cut flowers in water having a greater height than the diameter at its mouth.
  10. Bowl or Container.
    A vessel for displaying cut flowers in water, or for growing bulbous plants, having a diameter at its mouth at least equal to, but usually greater than, its height. Exhibitors will provide their own vases, bowls and containers.
  11. All exhibits should be correctly named. Errors will not disqualify, but judges will regard correctness and neatness of naming as telling in favour of an exhibit in a close contest.
  12. Where the total number of entries in any one class is three or less, the Judges may restrict the number of prizes awarded, if, in their opinion, the entries are not of sufficient merit.
  13. The previous two winners of the Banksian Medal will not be eligible to compete for this year’s medal.
  14. The previous two winners of the Cullum Trophy will not be eligible to compete for it this year.
  15. Under RHS rules, the Grenfell Medal cannot be awarded to the two previous years’ winners.
  16. The Society will have the Challenge Cups engraved after the respective Shows. All Challenge Cups should be returned to the Show Secretary not later than one month before the following Show. 
  17. Any objection to exhibits must be made in writing, to the Show Secretary, between 2.00pm and 4.00pm on the day of the Show.
  18. The Judges’ decision will be final. Any person found trying to deceive the Judges will be disqualified and banned from exhibiting at future Society Shows.
  19. The Society will not be responsible for any loss of, or damage to, exhibits whilst in the Show.
  20. After the receipt of any exhibitor’s entries, the Society Secretary or Committee maintains the right to inspect their garden or allotment.
  21. Unless otherwise stated in the schedule, the judging of exhibits will be according to the RHS rules or those of Affiliated Societies, where appropriate.
  22. Goods and Services offered by advertisers in this publication are not specifically endorsed by Ashtead Horticultural Society.

*Alternative arrangements as detailed in the relevant Show listing will apply for any Virtual Shows.

If you are in doubt, the Show Secretary will be pleased to help you.

See the Contact Us page for how to get in touch.