Guidance for Exhibitors: Section 4 – Culinary


501Bread, 1 loaf. Not kneaded or baked in a machine.
502Showstopper cake, maximum 300 x 500 mm
503Jar of Pickled Vegetables or Chutney, home made. See guidance below for jars.
504Jam, home made, 1 jar. See guidance below for jars.
505Victoria Sandwich. 180mm tins, Sandwich with raspberry jam and dust with caster sugar.
506Cake made with fresh fruit
507Savoury Scones (6).
508Biscuits or Cookies (6)
509American Muffins (4).
510Lemon Drizzle Cake. Any shape tin.

Guidance for Exhibitors

Highest marks are awarded for flavour, followed by external appearance, shape, colour and uniformity, then internal texture, depth or crust and distribution of ingredients. Great care should be taken to conform to given recipes, sizes or weights in the schedule.

It is recommended that all cakes and bread should be made on the day before the Show.

Please adhere to tin and plate sizes, where specified.

Jar sizes should be between 227gm (8oz) and 454gm (1lb). All jars and tops must be free from any commercial markings. Jars must be full and clearly labelled, giving contents and date made.

All sweet preserves must be sealed with an either a wax disc and cellophane cover, or a new twist top which does not need a wax disc.

Lemon curd is not a true preserve and must have a wax disc and cellophane cover. Preserves containing vinegar must be at least 2 months old and covered with a new vinegar-proof twist top.

All these covers can be obtained from Lakeland or Garsons Farm Shop Esher.