Enter the Show

Most classes will be held in Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall on Saturday 4th September 2021. Please select the classes that you wish to enter and submit the details by 12.00 Friday 3rd September 2021 via email to ahs.showentries@yahoo.co.uk or by using the entry form in the programme and returning it to:

Mike Roshier, 9 Woodcote Park Road, Epsom. (Tel 01372 813196)

Please submit an entry for the photography classes by completing the form below with your details, selecting the Miscellaneous section and the class you are entering, and uploading your digital photograph by 9pm on Friday 3rd September. Please submit a new form for each class that you wish to enter.

Alternatively, email your photograph, and class number to ahs.showentries@yahoo.co.uk.