Guidance for Exhibitors: Section 3 – Fruit


101Soft Fruits, 3 kinds, 3 plates, number per plate as set out in Fruit Numbers section below.
102Currants, black, 15 strings.
103Currants, red or white, 15 strings.
104Gooseberries, (15), with stalks.
106Strawberries, (5), with stalks.

Note: All fruits to be shown on a plate.

Fruit numbers

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The numbers of each kind of fruit needed to form an entry are:

Melon1Red or White Blackcurrants (on strings)15

Guidance for Fruit Exhibitors

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Fruit should be free from blemish.

Stalks must not be broken or missing and no part of the spur system should be exhibited with the stalk.

No scab or other disease or insect damage should be present, nor should fruit be bruised by weather or carelessness.

Fruit should not be polished. All the natural bloom should be preserved.

Each exhibit should comprise perfect fruits of one variety, each fruit a replica of the others in size, shape and colour.

Fruits should be arranged to the best advantage. Apples should be shown with the eye uppermost.

Don’t put in ‘the big one’. It will certainly spoil an otherwise good dish.