Newsletter 2019

New Look for Culinary Classes in the two Shows this Year

The Society has made significant changes to the culinary classes for both shows this year. 

Gone are the specific recipes for chocolate and Victoria sandwiches so you can now exhibit a sandwich cake which is created using your own favourite recipe.   

In the Summer show, we have said goodbye to the Dundee cake, shortbread and scones, and welcome a carrot or beetroot cake, millionaires shortbread and a Swiss roll.    

For the Autumn show, we have bid adieu to jelly, flapjacks and rock cakes and say bonjour to French macaroons, American  muffins and a lemon drizzle cake. Additionally, Class 502 — previously for men only — has been re-titled ‘Showstopper Cake’ and is now open for anyone to enter, including non-members. 

The committee hopes that these changes will stimulate interest and result in an increase in culinary exhibits.

Elsewhere, we believe the classes for flowers, vegetables, fruit and craft included in the Summer and Autumn shows on July 20th and September 7th respectively offer something of interest for everyone. 

Propagating Herbs

I find germinating herb seeds such as basil, parsley and coriander difficult — even with a heated propagator. 

I use fresh seeds each year but very little happens.  So, when I heard about propagating basil from cuttings,  I decided to try it, and last year it  was a great success. 

Death of Former Society Secretary

It is sad to report that Susan Jones died earlier this year on January 2nd.  Sue was Honorary Secretary of the Ashtead Horticultural Society for over 20 years and carried out her duties most diligently until she retired from the post in 2015.  

Sue had been a keen gardener for many years and entered various classes at our shows. Her other interest was cricket which she played for her school team.  

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