Autumn Show 2020

Saturday 5th September

The Autumn Show will be online!

Following the success of this year’s Virtual Summer Show, and ongoing restrictions for in-person gatherings, the Autumn Show will also be virtual. You are able to enter and attend the show online, with all entries displayed on this website after judging.

Entries will be submitted as a photograph, no later than 10am on 5th September. Our usual Judges will assess the entry as best they can from the photo.

  • Only one photograph for each Class is allowed.
  • Digital photographs only. No printed entries please.
  • Winners will be awarded Cups, Certificates and Medals as usual — but sadly there can be no shaking of hands and public presentations.

Photographing your entry

  • Find a spot in good natural light, with as plain a background as possible (for example a blank wall, or put up a sheet).
  • Photograph in either landscape or portrait format so that the exhibit fills the frame.
  • Stage your exhibit on a white plate (vegetables and fruit) or vase as normal.
  • For flowers, try to spread them out so that the judge can see each bloom.
  • For fruit and vegetables, please place a £1 coin next to the exhibit to help the judge to gauge size.

If you are a member you will have a show schedule for the year. It contains all the information you need to prepare and submit your entries. If you are not a member the information below will help you to get started.

There are four sections which cover all the types of entry that are available.

Members only can enter:

  • Flowers
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit

Members and non-members can enter:

  • Miscellaneous

How to enter

To enter through the website, click here for the online entry form. If you receive an error message when uploading your photograph, we recommend restarting on a new form.

Alternatively, email your digital photograph and entry details to


Click each section to view the Classes, and guidance for exhibitors.

Section 1 – Flowers

Section 2 – Vegetables

Section 3 – Fruit

Section 4 – Miscellaneous

Read the Schedule carefully, and make sure that you understand exactly what is required in the various classes. Take note of the Show Regulations about the staging of exhibits, etc. Allow yourself plenty of time when staging and photographing your exhibits. Above all, have fun!

Prize money and Awards

The following organisations sponsor specific classes and/or donate prizes:

Chessington Garden Centre

Ashtead Park Garden Centre

Best in Show

The Pollock Plate is awarded for the Best Exhibit in Show.


The Cullum Trophy is awarded for the exhibitor gaining the most points in Horticulture.

Certificates of Merit are awarded for outstanding exhibits in Flowers, Vegetables and Fruit.

The Harding Cup will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in Dahlias.

The Bailey Cup is awarded for the best Dahlia exhibit.

The Lovejoy Cup is awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in Chrysanthemums.

Storr Silver Challenge Cup goes to the winner of class 334 (5 Chrysanthemums).

The Violet Maples Cup is for the exhibitor gaining the most points in Roses.

The Rita Preston Cup is awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in classes 350 – 365.

Autumn Vegetable Collection Shield goes to the winning Vegetable Collection (Class 401).

The Nobby Reddick Tankard will be awarded to the winning Ashtead Allotment Vegetable Collection (Class 402).

The new Colin Cheeseman Cup will be awarded to the winning display of vegetables, flowers and fruit (Class 420)

The book ‘Dream Gardens – 100 Inspirational Gardens‘ is awarded to the person deemed to have been the most enthusiastic member during the year.

To determine the winners of the awards above, the highest number of points is calculated using the scoring system below. The following points will be awarded for each Class:

1st prize5 points
2nd prize3 points
3rd prize2 points
Highly Commended1 point